Serving a sustainable community

of employee owners


Our Vision:
Employee Empowerment

Through Ownership

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Moore Holding Company was born from the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) formed when Moore Engineering, Inc. became employee owned - partially in 1998 and 100% in 2004.

We've seen that employees at ESOP companies act like owners because they are owners.​

There are many advantages ESOP companies enjoy, including:

  • Lower turnover

  • Greater profitability

  • Better performance during general economic downturns

  • Greater employee satisfaction. 

We aim to bring these advantages to a larger group of employee owners by expanding our family of companies and fulfilling our mission of serving a sustainable community of employee owners.

Our administrative services teams provide marketing, finance, human resources, and IT support to our family of companies with the goal of improving effectiveness and efficiency. 


Moore's Family of Companies

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ESOP Resources

Because the ESOP trust is a qualified defined-contribution employee benefit plan, the ESOP business structure is complex and highly regulated. These organizations help Moore Holding Company and the larger ESOP community understand the laws governing ESOPs, advocate for the interests of employee owners and sponsor activities focused on creating a community of support.


The ESOP Association

Founded in 1978, The ESOP Association advocates on behalf of all companies that have, or are considering, an ESOP.
The ESOP Association sponsors regional and national conferences, advocates on behalf of the ESOP community, sponsors annual awards and serves as a resource.

NCEO - National Center for Employee Ownership

NCEO is a nonprofit organization that has been supporting the employee ownership community since 1981. Their mission is to help employee ownership thrive. With over 3,000 members, NCEO has a vast library of ESOP educational materials, sponsors annual conferences and provides guidance on technical issues regarding employee ownership.

ESCA - Employee-Owned S Corporations of America

ESCA bills itself as the voice in Washington, DC that speaks exclusively for employee-owned S corporations (“S ESOPs”). ESCA represents more than 215,000 employee-owners in virtually every state in the nation, and is committed to protecting the S corporation ESOP structure and promoting it so more working Americans can become employee-owners.

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